KUALA LUMPUR: The family of Muhammad Isa Muhammad Veeramohan, a Malaysian crew who reportedly fell into the sea while installing a pilot ladder of a vessel in the waters off Chittagong, Bangladesh last Wednesday, hopes the government can help speed up the process of repatriating the body to Malaysia.

The executive secretary of the National Union of Seafarers of Peninsular Malaysia (NUSPM) Ikmal Azam Thanaraj Abdullah said this was expressed by the victim’s family when he met them yesterday.

“Until today, the body, found last Friday, is still at Chattogram Medical College Hospital and the family hopes that the process of repatriating the body will be expedited,” he said when contacted by Bernama.

Based on media reports yesterday, the victim’s body was found by the rescue team on May 10.

The incident reportedly happened a day after the ship arrived in the waters of Chittagong from Singapore.