KOTA BHARU: The Kelantan Department of Integrity and Standards Compliance (JIPS) will conduct surprise inspections of stations and lock-ups among others to detect any weaknesses in terms of supervision, said state police chief Datuk Muhamad Zaki Harun (pix).

He said, therefore, all heads of departments at the Kelantan contingent police headquarters (IPK) and units under its purview will be instructed to go down to the field to look at compliance in terms of standard operating procedures (SOP).

“When we conduct inspections and if there are any weaknesses that we feel we are capable of dealing with, we will give an advisory before things get worse,“ he told reporters after the Kelantan contingent police monthly assembly and Police Family Association (PERKEP) annual general meeting at the Kelantan IPK here today.

Elaborating further, Muhamad Zaki said so far there were no significant weaknesses, especially in terms of compliance recorded involving police officers and members at the Kelantan IPK.

“If there is a small weakness, it is probably due to an officer or member on duty being involved in a course, sports or due to some confusion,“ he said.

Meanwhile, he said that the Kelantan police are also in the process of looking at sensitive positions or officers who have been in certain places for too long.

He said sometimes an officer may have been in a certain place for a long time and there is no visible weakness or problem, but the officer will be transferred for a change of scene.

He also said that officers or members are transferred so that they can gain more knowledge and be more competitive, adding that the worry is that if it has been too long (in one posting) they (officers and members) may get caught up in activities which may tarnish the image of the police. -Bernama

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