MALAYSIA is renowned for its delectable and budget-friendly street food, and nasi lemak is the often go-to choice for many.

However, one local man was left traumatised from his favourite breakfast food.

A recent TikTok video captured a man’s shock and disgust as he uncovered live maggots infesting the egg yolk in a packet of nasi lemak.

The 14-second clip, shared by user @faezzin994, features the man advising street vendors, particularly those selling nasi lemak, against reusing unsold eggs from the previous day.

As he zooms in, maggots could be seen crawling out from the egg yolk.

Faez reveals in the video that he had consumed half of the yolk before making the repulsive discovery.

He purchased the RM5 nasi lemak from a vendor near Section 20 in Shah Alam, and the experience left his appetite thoroughly ruined.

Faez urged street vendors to prioritise hygiene to prevent customers from falling ill.

“I really hope street vendors will consider the cleanliness of their food and refrain from selling items that were not sold the previous day,“ he added.

The video has garnered over 88,000 views, drawing the attention of concerned netizens who question the quality and hygiene of street food.

Some comments even jokingly said the vendor was intended to give the person eating the nasi lemak, “extra protein.”

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