PETALING JAYA: A man suspected of allegedly assaulting a nurse in Negeri Sembilan has been arrested by the police.

According to New Straits Times, the 34-year-old suspect was detained at the Kuala Pilah police headquarters at 4pm yesterday.

A four-day remand order has been issued on the suspect, said Kuala Pilah police chief Superintendent Amran Mohd Gani.

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During the 10pm incident, the victim was on her way to work from Hutan Percha to Kuala Pilah.

Her car was hit by another vehicle at the Dangi intersection which prompted her to stop her vehicle.

Kuala Pilah deputy district police chief DSP Syahrul Anuar Abdul Wahab stated that the suspect was said to have opened the victim’s car door and then punched her in the face several times after dragging her out of her car.

“The victim also claimed that she was struck by a blunt object at the back of the head,” he said.

She was reportedly found on the ground unconscious by members of the public outside her car with its engine still running on Friday.

Medical officers have since confirmed that the victim sustained mild injuries on her right shoulder and her head.

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