PETALING JAYA: A teacher of SMK Taman Sea in Petaling Jaya has tested positive for Covid-19. Students and staff of the school who has close contact with the teacher have been instructed to undergo home quarantine of 14-day.

According to a WhatsApp message received by one of the students’ parents earlier this morning, the teacher was infected by a close contact of a Covid-19 patient who tested positive in Kelantan on the third swab on Oct 5.

One of the school’s administration staff told theSun that the teacher tested positive on Oct 5 and had yet to return to the school since Sept 30.

The school has not received any directive from the authorities to close.

“The teacher has been serving the self quarantine beginning Sept 30 and the Petaling Health District Office has instructed all students from the classes involved and some teachers to undergo home quarantine while waiting for results from swab tests,“ the staff said.

However, the school has given permission to students in four classes that the teacher had taught to take off.

On Monday, a school teacher in SK Taman Tasik Ampang was confirmed positive for Covid-19 and according to a source, the teacher had contracted the virus from a friend who tested positive in Kelantan.

Meanwhile, Deputy Health Minister Datuk Dr Noor Azmi Ghazali was quoted by Utusan Online as saying schools are safer than the outside community.

The school will not be closed if there is no Covid-19 case, he added.

SK Taman Tasik Ampang and SMK Taman Seapark have yet to receive directives from the government. The schools have also not released any official statement.