PETALING JAYA: Police in Johor have confirmed that the driver who crashed into a motorcycle which was ridden by kayak athlete Siti Nurul Masyitah Elias had alcohol levels that were above the legal limit.

The 22-year-old sustained serious injuries after the alleged drunk driver crashed into her motorcycle at KM3.5 of the Eastern Dispersal Link (EDL) Highway last Saturday.

Johor Baru Selatan police chief Assistant Commissioner Raub Selamat told New Straits Times, the car driver crashed into the rear of the motorcycle which was travelling on the highway towards Kota Tinggi .

As a result Nurul Masyitah sustained a fractured right shoulder, hip injuries, and multiple lacerations on her legs.

Based on preliminary investigations, Raub said the driver is believed to have swerved from the middle lane to the left lane abruptly, before crashing into the rear of the motorcycle.

“The driver tested negative for drugs and had no past criminal records.

“However, a breathalyser test confirmed he was under the influence of alcohol when the accident occurred.

“He also had seven outstanding traffic violations,“ he was quoted as saying.

The driver, who is in his 30s, was detained for 24 hours before he was released on police bail.

Raub added investigations are being conducted under Section 44 of the Road Transport Act 1987, for driving under the influence of alcohol and causing injury.

If convicted, the driver faces a prison term of between seven and 10 years, and a maximum fine of RM50,000.

He also called on those who witnessed the accident to contact investigating officer Inspector Kelly Lee Ya Yek at 014-6977122.

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