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PETALING JAYA: Locals in the vicinity of Taman Medan are urging the government to proceed with the Petaling Jaya Traffic Dispersal Elevated Highway (PJD Link) construction project.

As reported by Kosmo Online, Taman Medan residents’ representative, Mohd Razali Abdullah said the rise in population and the development of condominiums in the area necessitate the establishment of an alternate route to alleviate traffic congestion.

“If this highway project is cancelled, the government will also have to pay a certain amount of compensation to the concessionaire.

“They have also done early work,” he was quoted as saying.

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He also said it is better to continue the project to prevent the government from needing to pay compensation to the concessionaire, which would ultimately be borne by the taxpayers.

Razali also mentioned that a memorandum appealing for the continuation of the PJD Link highway construction project will be submitted to the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Petaling Jaya Community Organisation chairman, Mohd Yusri Ramli said altering the new concession will require additional time as it entails a thorough review and report, potentially extending the process by another three to four years.

“Why do we want to waste three to four years to appoint a new concessionaire when the old one already exists.

“Repair the existing ones and discuss with the existing concessionaire about the existing problem.”

On April 17, Communication Minister Fahmi Fadzil announced the cancellation of the PJD Link highway construction project during a Cabinet meeting due to the concessionaire’s failure to meet six of the 11 stipulated conditions.

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