BUTTERWORTH: Tesla has activated the first Supercharging station in Penang, located at Sunway Carnival Seberang Jaya here, in addition to the two existing Destination Charging stations at The Ship Campus, Batu Kawan and All Seasons Place in George Town.

In a statement today, the leading multinational electric automotive manufacturer said this expansion not only caters to local charging needs but also facilitates effortless cross-country journeys from Singapore to Johor and Penang for Tesla owners.

“The Sunway Carnival Supercharging Station offers four Superchargers, bringing the total to four Superchargers and 12 Destination Chargers in Penang.

“This activation represents a significant advancement in improving the accessibility and convenience of charging electric vehicles in the region,” it said.

According to the statement, the company offers a comprehensive ownership experience by providing seamless charging solutions and technology integration, and ‘plug in, charge and go’ is best to describe Tesla charging experience.

Through the Tesla App, users can easily locate, navigate to, and monitor the status of Superchargers, with payments processed automatically.

“With a pay-per-use Supercharging fee of RM 1.25/kWh, Tesla ensures cost-efficient charging,” it said.

To date, Tesla has eight Supercharging stations and 10 Destination Charging stations, offering a total of 40 chargers and 61 Destination Chargers in Malaysia, with ongoing expansion to facilitate travel between Malaysia and Singapore, where there are 11 Supercharging stations and nine Destination Charging stations.

“Tesla is committed to advancing its charging infrastructure in Malaysia to meet the growing demand for Tesla charging solutions,” it added.

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