KUALA LUMPUR: Traffic flow on the main highways leading out of the Klang Valley is under control tonight with congestion in a few locations.

A spokesman for the Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM) said in the northbound direction, slow traffic was only reported on the North-South Expressway (PLUS) from Slim River to Sungkai.

“Highway users heading north, however, are advised to be careful as heavy rain was reported occurring in several areas in Perak including Gua Tempurung and Menora Tunnel,“ he said when contacted.

Meanwhile, for the route to the south, congestion occurred from Nilai to Ainsdale Town and for the route to the East Coast, congestion was reported at kilometre 28 up to Genting Sempah Rest and Service Area and from Lentang to Bentong.

According to him, only two smart lanes are still activated, namely from Nilai to Bandar Ainsdale and Setia Tropika to Pasir Gudang.