FRONTLINERS who are working tirelessly to take care of Covid-19 patients admitted to the Quarantine and Low-Risk Treatment Centre (PKRC) at Malaysia Agro Exposition Park (MAEPS) in Serdang were treated to delicious durian confectionery courtesy of Hernan Corporation Sdn Bhd on June 11.

The activity, which was lead by Hernan Corporation Sdn Bhd CEO Anna Teo, distributed RM150,000 worth of durian confectionery in the form of Musang King snowy cake, mochi and other delectable products to the dedicated team in MAEPS.

“All of us at Hernan Corporation are inspired by the selflessness and hard work by the nation’s frontliners. They exhibit an enormous amount of sheer determination and patience to help each Covid-19 patient that walks through the door of MAEPS,” said Teo.

“The world is watching, and Malaysians taking care of Malaysia – an embodiment of the community spirit and semangat kerjasama that we are famous for – continues to uplift us despite these trying times.”

Established in 1996, Hernan Corporation is Malaysia’s largest and leading exporter and manufacturer of Malaysian durians from frozen and fresh durians to delectable durian treats like Durian Mochi, Durian Pancakes, Durian Cream Puff, Durian Chocolates and Durian Mooncakes.

In its long history, Hernan Corporation gained multiple accreditations including the Halal compliance and certified FSSC. These accreditations have enabled the company to export its products to more than 18 countries such as China, USA, Australia, Canada, Japan, Netherlands, UK, France, Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia.

These globally enjoyed treats by Hernan Corporation were well received by PKRC MAEPS Director Dr Shahabuddin Ibrahim, who expressed his delight upon receiving the goodie bags containing the “King of Fruits” confectionery.

“Durians are our national pride. Our devoted frontliners look forward to share these scrumptious treats with their family at home,” Shahabuddin said.

The distribution of 1,500 goodie bags was welcomed by the team-on-duty at PKRC MAEPS Serdang.

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