Tesla’s rumored “Night Curfew” feature

TESLA’S upcoming software update, version 2024.26, is rumoured to introduce a range of new parental controls aimed at making driving safer for young drivers. According to reports from Not a Tesla App and Tessie, these features were released to employees on Wednesday and include a notable addition called “Night Curfew.”

$!Tesla’s rumored “Night Curfew” feature

Night Curfew and Parental Controls

The “Night Curfew” feature allows parents to set a curfew time, after which they will receive notifications on the Tesla mobile app if the vehicle is driven. This feature aims to help parents enforce bedtimes and ensure their teenagers are not driving late at night.

In addition to the curfew notifications, the update is said to include options for parents to set maximum speed limits and reduce acceleration. This control is similar to the existing “Valet Mode” but offers more customisation for parents. For example, parents can limit the acceleration to “Chill” mode, which restricts the EV’s horsepower and torque.

Enhanced Safety Measures

Other rumoured features in the parental controls include the ability to:

- Prevent the driver from disabling the speed limit and collision warnings.

- Maintain automatic emergency braking functionality.

These features aim to provide an extra layer of safety for young drivers, ensuring that critical safety systems remain active even if the driver attempts to turn them off.

Practical Applications

While the new controls are designed with parents and their teenage drivers in mind, they could also be beneficial for Tesla owners who rent out their vehicles or lend them to others. The ability to set driving limits and receive notifications can help owners maintain control over their vehicles and ensure they are driven responsibly.

Tesla’s Commitment to Safety

Tesla continues to stand out with features like Sentry Mode, which streams recordings to the app if the vehicle is hit. The new parental controls add to this suite of safety features, addressing concerns about young drivers’ safety.

However, Tesla has faced scrutiny regarding incidents involving young drivers and children. In 2018, two teenagers died after a Tesla Model S burst into flames following a crash. More recently, a toddler had to be rescued from a locked Tesla after the car’s battery died while her grandmother was outside the vehicle.

Statistics on Young Drivers

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that accidents were the leading cause of unintentional deaths for people aged 15 to 24 in 2020. In 2021, 2,116 drivers aged 15 to 20 were killed, and approximately 203,256 were injured in car crashes. These statistics highlight the importance of enhancing safety measures for young drivers.

If the rumoured features are released publicly, Tesla’s new parental controls will provide additional peace of mind for parents and help ensure safer driving habits among young drivers. As Tesla continues to innovate, these updates reinforce its commitment to making driving as safe as possible for all users.