THE new government should pay immediate and full attention to the five Rs.

1. Restore. It should work hard to restore public confidence that all races will be treated equally in terms of providing opportunities and education,

2. Reassure. It should reassure all religious groups that their freedoms as protected in the Constitution will not be compromised,

3. Resist. It should resist all temptation for politicking to gain political mileage but to focus on solving the problems and needs of the people,

4. Remedy. It should institute actions and introduce solutions to remedy the injustice suffered by and the neglect of all indigenous people, and

5. Ratify. It should ratify all international conventions where Malaysia is a signatory.

These measures will go a long way to reset the nation, which many believe has been in troubled waters over the past years. They should go hand in hand with actions to address issues of cost of living and economic uncertainty.

Additionally, the first order of business when Parliament reconvenes is to have all MPs to pledge and rededicate themselves to uphold the Constitution and pledge to always act in accordance with the Rukun Negara.

These instruments were first introduced for a purpose, that is to ensure the peace, progress, viability and future of our beloved multiracial country. They were not meant to be applied selectively or expediently but to be used holistically. And that is: Every MP should always quote that section of the Constitution or Rukun Negara.

Two other matters, if addressed expeditiously, will go a long way to ease the burdens of the ordinary folk and ensure that their safety and health are always prioritised. One is the matter of overhauling and improving the government’s administrative machinery by the simplification or even removal of non-essential red tape. This will make it easier for people to spend more time and energy doing whatever they have to do to eke out a living.

The other matter is for all local authorities to be performance-oriented to provide proper service to the public, and to imbibe a strong maintenance culture to ensure their safety and well-being.

Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye


Alliance for a Safe Community

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