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A RECENT road crash on Jalan Rasah in Seremban underscores the urgent need for action. A sinkhole along the route caused a vehicle to overturn, thankfully resulting in minor injuries to the driver.

However, without prompt repairs, more accidents and potentially fatal outcomes, are inevitable. It is time for the Seremban Public Works Department to prioritise repairing this hazardous road section to ensure the safety of all commuters.

It is unacceptable that taxpayers must fear for their lives due to neglected road conditions. These dangerous road hazards are often visible from the roadside but can be hard to spot while driving.

As a regular walker in the area, I have personally witnessed these hazards and have taken photographs as evidence.

Several pressing issues require immediate attention:

Open drains without covers pose a significant risk, large enough for someone to fall into.

Potholes of considerable size pose threats to pedestrians and motorists, causing accidents and vehicle damage.

Clogged drains, especially noticeable near the Seremban Post Office and Seremban Railway Centre, lead to flooding during heavy rains, with water levels reaching four to six inches. Given that these are low-lying areas, it is crucial to ensure proper drainage to prevent such occurrences.

Regular maintenance of drains is essential, and the public can contribute by refraining from littering, which not only poses hazards when it clogs drains but also violates public ordinances against littering.

Some residents have voiced their concerns to the Rasah state assemblyman, yet no action has been taken thus far. Despite numerous letters highlighting these issues, there have been no tangible results.

Citizens are rightfully growing frustrated with the apparent inaction as it undermines the fundamental duty of elected officials to serve their constituents.

Public trust is at stake as state officials remain inactive in addressing urgent issues.

Citizens expect their concerns to be met with decisive action, especially regarding matters that pose immediate dangers to the community, such as the maintenance and safety of public roads.

We once again urge the state authority to promptly resolve the long-standing road maintenance issues. Safety must be our foremost concern, especially as we aim to promote tourism this year.

Let us strive to make Seremban a beautifully maintained city that we can proudly showcase to visitors.