IN 2014, after a short holiday, my family had a scare. Initially, we suspected that my father’s persistent cough and breathing difficulties were attributed to smoker’s cough, considering his heavy smoking. This prompted us to seek medical attention at a local clinic. Our anxiety heightened when a medical officer advised us to check for tuberculosis (TB).

It was a relief when doctors at a hospital in Kuala Lumpur confirmed it was not TB. Fortunately, the cough stemmed from a less serious condition.

However, I recall feeling frustrated about the lack of information regarding incidents of communicable diseases in some localities.

In the past, we could only get information about communicable diseases through news sources. Tracking diseases was the responsibility of hospitals and medical professionals.

However, with the emergence of Covid-19, especially with the implementation of MySejahtera, the transparency and efficiency of reporting and staying updated on infectious diseases have greatly improved.

MySejahtera has empowered communities by providing up-to-date information and enabling immediate reporting of diseases. This proactive approach to health management helps communities in better protecting themselves. This reduces panic and ensures we do not spread unverified news.

During Covid-19, I found MySejahtera to be progressive because few countries adopted digital tools to manage the disease. In this regard, I found the Malaysian health system impressive and effective.

I still use MySejahtera because it remains a practical tool for managing my health.

When Health Minister Dr Zaliha Mustafa recently addressed concerns about a supposed TB outbreak in Klang Valley, it highlighted the importance of reliable information dissemination.

Fortunately for us, MySejahtera is a reliable resource. She also cautioned against spreading false news and to check the app for the total number of cases in different areas. This shows we are only a few clicks away from the latest information from the Health Ministry.

MySejahtera is also a crucial and resourceful tool, not just for infectious diseases, but also for managing various health aspects.

I rely on it to check appointment availability at government clinics and to schedule it.

I hope more people become aware of its features and services, recognizing that being informed is not just a personal responsibility but also lightens the burden on our health authorities.

Alyssa Mariam

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