ALOR GAJAH: Melaka will be building the first international remote control car circuit in the state on a one-hectare site near Tanjung Bidara beach here, in November.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Ab Rauf Yusoh said the Melaka state government successfully obtained approval for an allocation of RM300,000 from the Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS) to realise the construction of the circuit after the proposal was completed last year.

“Melaka Youth and Sports Department (JBS) has conducted a study and identified a suitable location to implement the project and we are currently looking for sponsors to be involved in the facility upgrade project there and the circuit is expected to be fully completed within 18 months .

“With the existence of the circuit, we believe it can be used by all remote control car enthusiasts, whether from Melaka or abroad, and this circuit can also become a training centre for fans of this sport,“ he told reporters at the KBS Masjid Tanah Complex here today.

Earlier he officiated the Melaka Chief Minister’s Cup Remote Control Car Championship which was also attended by JBS director Khairul Adri Rosli.

Commenting further, Ab Rauf said that the remote control car circuit could also boost the arrival of tourists to Tanjung Bidara beach and the state government is also planning to develop a recreational vehicle (RV) centre near the location.

He said apart from that, the Melaka government is also trying to upgrade the facilities including the stalls around the resort’s beach area so that it is more attractive and focused for tourists.

“The various facilities there can certainly attract more visitors to Tanjung Bidara beach in the future and indirectly boost the local economy,“ he said.