Celebrating Responsible Gaming Week with Magnum

MAGNUM Corporation is celebrating their annual Responsible Gaming (RG) week from May 9-15, 2022, as part of the company’s annual advocacy campaign in championing healthy and harmonious gaming habits.

In only its second edition since the inaugural RG week, last year, Magnum has committed in providing training with annual self-assessment practices to all their employees, agencies, and operators to ensure they are fully aware and informed with first-hand information about Responsible Gaming. Magnum ensures the entire workforce understands the importance of educating and providing all our players with the most accurate information about Responsible Gaming and the potential harms of gambling addiction.

In conjunction with their RG week awareness, Magnum will distribute and display various RG-related materials in all Magnum outlets, to promote healthy playing habits. Magnum has also ensured all RG information are readily available at all their digital touchpoints including its website, social media platforms, and online app to educate their players better.

In 2021, Magnum had introduced a self-assessment tool to help our players to understand their gaming habits and how to take corrective action where needed, in hopes of reducing excessive gaming habits. This year, they have designed another informative RG tool, which is the Gambling Calculator. This calculator is to help players to understand their own frequency and spending when playing Magnum games, so they can play within their limits.

Furthermore, Magnum has also engaged with Gamblers Rehab Centre (GRC) in Kuala Lumpur which specializes in providing rehabilitation treatment to provide the necessary assistance for the excessive players in Malaysia.

“Recently, we had created a great milestone by being the first and only number forecast operator (NFO) in Malaysia to achieve the level 3 RG certification from the World Lottery Association (WLA). We will continue to uphold our RG commitment and also lead the industry to discharge best practices in Responsible Gaming in Malaysia. Join us to celebrate this RG week by learning more about Responsible Gaming and how to play within your limits. Remember, the bigger play is to play responsibly,” said Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Lawrence Lim Swee Lin.

Magnum is committed in providing a safe and entertaining environment that encourages a harmonious lifestyle for all our players and stakeholders. For more information about Magnum’s RG week, visit the Responsible Gaming section on Magnum4D website.

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