Ecolite Waist Tonic launched to help improve blood circulation, relieve pain and fatigue

KUALA LUMPUR: Ecolite has recently launched a new product, Ecolite Waist Tonic, a combination of traditional herbs and a patented active ingredient, Physta® Tongkat Ali, to help improve blood circulation and relieve pain and fatigue in the back and waist. A well-known actor, Norman Hakim, was signed as the ambassador for this product.

Established in 1996, Ecolite has a history of more than 20 years in Malaysia. Since its inception, Ecolite has embraced the enthusiasm of helping to improve people's health and has always adhered to the belief of achieving a healthy balance with nourishing products. Ecolite believes in always starting with quality, natural raw materials, and utilising professional knowledge of nourishing traditional Chinese herbs. By combining traditional wisdom and modern science, it is committed to launching a series of diversified health products, ensuring the development of convenient, high-quality, and beneficial formulas. Ecolite’s products will help people of all ethnic groups embrace health and live a life filled with joy. Ecolite aims to be a trusted healthcare product brand with a reputable profile of excellent products.

Ecolite's main production plant is located in Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia, covering an five acres of area. The modern facility is equipped with an up-to-date R&D centre, advanced equipment and strict quality control. The production plant complies with global standards including GMP, HACCP, MeSTI, VHM and Halal certification standards, providing the consumer with absolute peace of mind. All products are rigorously tested to ensure compliance with global certification standards. In addition, Ecolite strictly monitors every step of the goods supply chain, from carefully selected suppliers to our factories, in order to maintain the highest quality from raw materials to finished products. Over the years, it has launched many products that have been recognised by consumers. This includes Ecolite’s range of bird's nest, collagen bird's nest drink, waist tonic essence, chicken essence, loquat paste, white phoenix pills and other health supplements.

According to statistics, 70% of adults experience back pain (acute or chronic) at least once in their lifetime. In general, the prevalence of back pain varies from 10% to 63% (with an average of 37%) in any population. In Malaysia, 3.8 million (about 12%) of the population are known to suffer from back pain. The prevalence is much higher among high-risk groups. Recent surveys have found that this statistic has increased, as lifestyles of large populations have changed due to Covid-19 work-from-home policies and post-Covid-19 social changes. And in a recently updated statistic, it is believed that more than half of the population (>50%) may suffer from lower back pain in the lumbar region.

$!Ecolite officially launched a new product, Ecolite Waist Tonic.

In recognition of the prevalence of back pain, Ecolite has launched a new product, Ecolite Waist Tonic, utilising traditional herbs with Physta® Tongkat Ali as the active ingredient, to improve blood circulation and relieve back pain and fatigue. It can be consumed daily to improve energy, health and happiness. The packaging has also been upgraded to a simple pouch, which is convenient for customers to take with them and consume at any time. It solves one of the worries of customers with hectic, on-the-go lifestyles. One of the highlights of Ecolite Waist Tonic includes the addition of the patented Physta® tongkat ali extract. In addition to the original waist-replenishing effect, the patented extract can also help restore men's physical strength and increase vitality. Physta® is a standardised tongkat ali extract with proven effectiveness through 15 clinical and 9 toxicology studies, to determine safe, effective doses for improving quality of life, hormone levels, fertility, vitality and overall health.

Mr Teo Yek Ming, Group Managing Director of Sunzen Biotech Berhad (Sunzen, 0148, Ace Market), is optimistic about the profit growth of Ecolite, such as Collagen Bird’s Nest drink, Essence of Chicken, Essence of Fish, tonic and etc. these products are an integral part of human healthcare. He said the investment in a more advanced factory was announced in June this year, with production planned to be officially launched in the second quarter of 2023. This will likely contribute to a marked improvement in Sunzen group’s core business. “We also planning to open our own brand of health food specialty stores in mainstream shopping malls across the country in the next two years.”

Sales & Marketing Director of Ecolite, Mr Steve Lim, revealed at the product launch ceremony, that its’ core belief from the very beginning was that through natural nourishment and conditioning, everyone can enjoy health and live a balanced and harmonious life. This belief has never changed to this day. He emphasised that Ecolite hopes to share the efficacy of the company's health products with everyone, through physical retail and online stores, and at the same time, through overseas distributors, continue to share our health-giving products to the world. In the future, the development of our products will focus on functional conditioning and classify them according to focus groups such as men and women, adults and children.

$!Ecolite product ambassador, Norman Hakim (Middle) answers the questions asked by the host.

Product ambassador Norman Hakim, said at the press conference that he was honoured to be the spokesperson for Ecolite Waist Tonic. He said that, as an actor, the work can be strenuous with long and unpredictable hours. When he returns home, he still has to play the roles as a father and a husband. Before consuming Ecolite Waist Tonic, he often felt discomfort in his back, waist and knee. This was affecting his life quality and he couldn’t really enjoy his life or focus on his family. “While accepting to become the spokesperson, I have also consumed Ecolite Waist Tonic. Not only did my pain subside, but my overall energy has also improved significantly. Now, I carry Ecolite Waist Tonic with me every day, and I strongly recommend it to my relatives and friends.”