People You May Know delves into real life consequences of data privacy abuse

If you’ve enjoyed watching Netflix’s The Social Dilemma, you’ll get to delve into the far reaching consequences of the abuse of data privacy in iwonder’s documentary titled People You May Know.

People You May Know is a chilling and timely investigation into covert US forces on a mission to subvert the far-reaching influence of the Church to fuel a far-right political agenda.

The issues raised in the documentary show far-wider implications for the world and invite us to consider just how safe the personal data of billions of people across the globe really is.

If the church and people’s religion is no longer a safe haven from spying and manipulation, is there anywhere left for unsuspecting members of society to seek refuge from the encroachment of technology and surveillance?

The documentary follows Charles Kriel, a specialist advisor to the UK Parliament on disinformation, who discovers Cambridge Analytica collaborating with a software company to radicalise the poor, the grieving, the addicted and the emotionally vulnerable for far-right politics.

He sets out on a journey across his native America to find out how deep this insidious network of influence targeting the US church runs.

Together with a team of journalists and whistle-blowers and using hidden cameras, he discovers a far-reaching and well-resourced movement with ties to the very heart of the White House.

He also discovered that the man who commissioned Cambridge Analytica is a member of the most powerful secret political organisation in the United States, with an agenda to rewrite the Constitution according to Christian law.

iwonder Head of Content, Alexandra Fox-Hughes, says of the film:

“Everything we have come to learn in recent years about the dangerous influence of social media, the misuses of big data and the tactics deployed by governments and political groups to manipulate the electorate, is brought into chilling focus by People You May Know.

“Set against the backdrop of the biggest power struggle in world politics, as President Trump and The Republican Party look to renew and strengthen their hold in the US, People You May Know is a powerful and important reminder about the need to remain ever-vigilant of organisations willing and able to influence mass behaviour, and the lengths some are prepared to go to.”

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