Edelweiss Weekend Unwind is a one-of-a-kind urban escape with music, games and creative workshops in KL and Penang.

Unwind in style

In the spirit of rediscovering the playful side to life, Edelweiss is back to transform your weekends with Edelweiss Weekend Unwind in the city! Edelweiss Weekend Unwind is set to take over Central Rooftop Garden, Lalaport BBCC over four weekends (Thursdays to Sundays) from 4th - 28th May, and Penang’s Hin Bus Depot from 2nd - 4th June. Pop culture vultures and music lovers can look forward to exploring and experiencing various activities to add a dash of adventure and discovery to their weekend with programmes packed with pop-up markets, workshops, music and experiential events headlined by homegrown scene-shakers.

In this fast-paced world, the younger generation seeks meaningful experiences and cherishes special moments in life. To promote this lifestyle, Edelweiss Weekend Unwind encourages everyone to break from their demanding schedules and embrace the simple joys of life. For four consecutive weekends from 4th - 28th May (Thursdays to Sundays), Edelweiss fans can decompress at the Unwind Bar at the Central Rooftop Garden, Lalaport BBCC. Like never before, the bar will debut Edelweiss creative cocktail offerings crafted by expert mixologists using Edelweiss Wheat Beer. Patrons can also satisfy their creative cravings by joining “Sip and Paint” or Jesmonite sessions while unwinding at the bar. The Unwind Bar will then make its pitstop at Hin Bus Depot, Penang from 2nd - 4th June.

“Following the success of Chalet Edelweiss Unwind in Genting Highlands, we felt the need to bring fun and playfulness to the city,” said Willemijn Sneep, Marketing Director of HEINEKEN Malaysia. “Edelweiss Weekend Unwind is a space where people can come together, enjoy the present moment and immerse themselves in a weekend filled with relaxation and entertainment at an easily accessible venue. We’re thrilled to also be able to provide a platform for our tastemakers to create unforgettable moments with their fans.”

Edelweiss is proud to be able to partner with seven content creators to offer one-of-a-kind series of activities, carefully crafted for their fans and followers to relax, unwind and bond with like-minded peers. Among them are singer-songwriter and YouTuber Haorenas well as Emily Chan, a familiar face to the local TV and film scene. Joining them are Youtube and Instagram personalities Changyong and Shusen. Rising star Kendra Sow will also be present. Last but not least, Edelweiss Weekend Unwind welcomes lifestyle fashion influencer turned entrepreneur Josephine Yap and Malaysia’s TikTok sweetheart Shi Qi.

In Lalaport, Edelweiss Weekend Unwind designates a pop-up market in collaboration with Pingmin Market (平民市集), a well-known platform for local artisans to showcase their crafts. Visitors to Edelweiss Weekend Unwind at Hin Bus Depot can explore the vibrant Hin Market, which offers an eclectic mix of food, art, and cultural experiences. The markets will be a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and meet local makers.

Register for free passes at heineken-malaysia.leadfamly.com/edelweiss-weekend-unwind-2023 and discover the playful side of life with Edelweiss.

* Edelweiss Weekend Unwind is open for non-Muslims aged 21 and above.