SHARP Electronics, in partnership with Astro, has introduced the Sharp Travel with Parents series, aiming to strengthen family ties through shared travel experiences. Following the success of last year’s Sharp Travel with Mommy, this new season expands its focus to include the entire family.

Premiering on May 12 at 9.30pm on various Astro platforms, the show will showcase destinations both international and local, helping families find their perfect getaway spot.

Local TV personality and Sharp’s Parents’ Day ambassador Jason Yeoh, and his mother Lim Poh Choo shared touching stories of their travels made possible by Sharp’s innovative products.

Sharp Malaysia managing director Ting Yang Chung said the series aims to create memorable moments for every family member.

To celebrate Parents’ Day, Sharp is offering up to 40% discounts on over 70 products, including televisions and refrigerators. This initiative aims to help families upgrade their home appliances while promoting family time.

Sharp will share travel tips and hacks on social media platforms including Facebook and Xiao Hong Shu, encouraging Malaysians to explore nature and make lasting memories with their loved ones.