This quiet town is an amazing choice for a one-day break from your hectic city life

TANJUNG Sepat is a small beach hamlet located roughly 95 kilometres south of Kuala Lumpur’s city. Visitors frequently make a detour here to explore the town’s fishing villages and experience its culinary delicacies. The town is also a major agro-tourism attraction, with an increasing number of people visiting in the last decade or so. Tourist buses are a typical sight here, especially on weekends, as local and foreign tourists seeking a taste of culture and heritage find this calm and peaceful community quite appealing.

Tanjung Sepat derives its name from the words Tanjung, which means “cape” in English, and Sepat, which is a sort of fish. It used to be a fishing community, but owing to pollution in the Malacca Strait, this activity is becoming less intense, while it remains a part of the everyday scene here. A half-day to one-day journey here during the weekend or long holidays is great, as it allows you to take a break from the city’s busy pace, stroll along the coastline, and enjoy the calm air.

$!Pantai Cunang, a white sand beach maintained by the Mah Meri orang Asli living in this village.

Pantai Cunang and Kampung Orang Asli

Hidden on the outskirts of town, behind an Orang Asli village, lies a magnificent white sand beach that is one of the nicest on the Selangor coastline, known as Pantai Cunang. The beach is flanked by mangrove and casuarina pine trees, which provide shade to beachgoers. Pantai Cunang is meticulously maintained by the Mah Meri Orang Asli who reside in the nearby settlement of Kampung Koi. These industrious indigenous villagers are known for their colourful culture, handicraft abilities (including wooden masks), and environmental stewardship, and have built cottages on the beach for their personal use. They also help keep the beach clean by collecting plastic bottles, coconut shells, tyres, and other beach debris, and repurpose them into beautiful items.

$!The Jetty is a wonderful place for some interesting IG pictures.

Jeti Persatuan Nelayan

The nooks and crannies of Tanjung Sepat’s fishing village are best explored on foot, beginning near the town centre. During low tide, several fishing boats are moored, allowing you to witness how fisherman in these areas operate. There are also a few stores around where you can purchase fresh fish at a reasonable price.

$!Pitaya or dragonfruit, grown abundantly around Tanjung Sepat.

Multi-Rich Pitaya Dragon Fruit Farm, Tanjung Sepat

I’m sure most city-dwellers have never seen a dragon fruit farm. So, here’s your opportunity to see how they are grown and get a chance to sample the irresistibly delicious dragon fruits. You will also be able to observe how their flowers bloom, which is reportedly larger and brighter than other flowers, at the Multi-Rich Pitaya Dragon Fruit Farm.

Dragon fruit probiotic drinks and ice creams are also available at the farm. The price of a bottle of dragon fruit probiotic drink is RM15. The ice cream is less expensive and has a very faint dragon fruit flavour. It’s also not too sweet, so give it a shot. Dragon fruits may also be purchased at the farm for a very low price.

$!Ganofarm cultivates, develops, manufactures and markets edible and medicinal mushrooms.

Ganofarm Homestay

Ganofarm is a significant Malaysian mushroom research firm that cultivates, develops, produces, and promotes edible and therapeutic mushrooms, as well as other mushroom-based products. Among the varieties of mushrooms available are the rare and expensive Lingzhi mushroom (Mushroom of Immortality), abalone mushroom, black jelly mushroom and monkey head mushroom. Within the surroundings of the farm, there is also a guesthouse with approximately 30 rooms and chalets.

$!The Lovers’ Bridge is a bridge that leads far out to sea and it is a sightseeing attraction for visitors.

Dataran Tanjung Lovers’ Bridge

Tanjung Sepat’s Dataran Tanjong is one of its most popular attractions. The Lovers’ Bridge, which spans roughly 100 metres out to sea, is the major reason for its popularity. It appears to be dubbed Lovers’ Bridge since many couples appear to visit the bridge to enjoy the magnificent sunset.

Unfortunately, the original bridge collapsed in 2013 and had to be rebuilt. The old bridge was built out of wooden boards and had a charming, rustic appeal to it, but the current one is totally composed of concrete, an admittedly more solid material. As a result of the recent restoration, the space appears beautiful. The Lovers’ Bridge provides a pleasant wind and a lovely vista.

$!Qing Long Gong Temple, a beautiful and colourful Chinese temple.

Temple qing long gong

There is a temple located beside the Lovers’ Bridge. Tanjung Sepat has a few temples, but this one drew my attention the most. There are 12 animal zodiac figurines that are both appealing and colourful. There are inscriptions engraved on stones that describe each trait. There is also a tree where you may make a wish with a ribbon and a Yue Lao statue (old man under the moon). In Chinese mythology, he is known as the God of Marriage and Love. He is also known as the “heavenly matchmaker.” He appears as an elderly man holding a romance novel in his right hand and a walking stick in his left.

$!A notably very famous local products shop.

Qing Ren Qiao Local Product Shop

The Qing Ren Qiao Local Product Shop is an excellent location for taking photographs. The shop’s lovely decoration supplies are quite stunning. There are also some lovely wall paintings near the Qing Ren Qiao Local Product Shop.

$!Joo Fa Trading is one of the famous local coffee manufacturer cum trader in Tanjong Sepat.

Joo Fa Trading

Joo Fa Trading is claimed to be one of Tanjung Sepat’s most well-known coffee manufacturers. When you reach the alleyway of Joo Fa Trading, the scent of coffee will entice you so strongly that you won’t be able to resist entering the home where the main process of coffee manufacture takes place. Joo Fa Trading is a must-see on your Tanjung Sepat day trip if you enjoy coffee. Even if you’re not a fan of coffee, once you smell the scent of coffee emanating from this establishment, you will undoubtedly become one.

$!Mr Black Hand-Made Pau , one of the two famous pau in Tanjong Sepat.

Mr Black Bao Shop

Mr Black Bao Shop is one of the area’s two well-known dumpling shops. The family-run business has been in existence for around ten years and is located on a shop lot facing a major road. They have around ten different bao varieties on the menu that you may choose from the steamer based on what is available at the moment. Every pau costs less than RM5, so there’s no excuse not to give it a try. Take note that Mr Black Hand-made Pau contains pork.

This is all there is to your Tanjung Sepat day visit. And if you ask me about my experience, I would say I had a great time there. Tanjung Sepat is a tiny hamlet with a few attractions. But it was a nice break from my hectic schedule. I feel it will be well worth your time to visit the village. Have a great time on your Tanjung Sepat day trip!