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Mum-to-be Mayjune Tan speaks about her journey and future plans in the entertainment industry

ACTRESS cum producer Mayjune Tan is excitedly awaiting the arrival of a new addition to her family, the birth of her firstborn sometime this month.

“I am constantly worried that my baby will come out earlier,” said the 36-year-old mother-to-be.

Tan knows the sex of her child but at the moment, she is not ready to reveal it yet. She tied the knot in 2017 to singer cum actor Josh Lai, who has been focussing more on his successful interior design career.

“I did not have to think about how to decorate my house. I can leave that task safely to my husband,” she said.

In 2017, she also tried her hand at producing a family drama called Malu, that centred on a complicated relationship between two sisters. Tan also played the role of one of the sisters.

She is currently producing her second movie, a dark comedy. At this point, she prefers not to reveal the storyline yet, only saying that its about a family relationship.

Tan said that with the pandemic, people are looking for something that they can laugh at and her project might be the perfect fit.

How are you embracing motherhood?

I am singing to my baby in my belly. I took singing lessons when I was younger. I am putting what I have learned to good use now. I am also learning how to play the ukulele online. I am playing a few songs with my ukulele for my baby. I want to create a calm atmosphere for my baby. I am also cooking my own food as I want to eat healthy during this time.

Did you always aspire to be an actress?

As a kid, I was shy and introverted. I remember my church used to organise events for teenagers, where we were supposed to go on stage and share stories and testimonials. Sometimes, we even put up short sketches. I was forced to participate in those events. Slowly, I learned to be less shy and introverted.

What is the biggest challenge you faced as an actress?

When I first started my career as an actress and TV host, everyone said I was doing a terrible job. But I did not allow their comments to break me. I took some acting courses. I learned to improve myself. You must never stop seeking knowledge. This industry is a very challenging place to be and it can be difficult to sustain yourself. I know some of my friends have quit out of frustration. I am not going to do that. I am very stubborn. I still want to continue my journey here.

How did your parents react to your ambition?

My parents (her father has an electronic shop and her mother is a housewife) did not know I was pursuing acting. I was studying mass communication while attending auditions for TV hosting and acting jobs. I took part in a reality show, Star Idol, where they were looking for fresh faces to be hosts and actresses. Some of their friends told my parents about my participation in the show. Interestingly, my parents supported me. They were among the live audience watching the shooting of the final few episodes of the show.

What motivated you to try your hand at producing?

As an actress, you have to be in the shoes of your character. That experience can be exciting, mentally stimulating and make you more mature about life. But as an actress, you are passive in terms of waiting for opportunities to come your way. While as a producer, you have the chance to create those opportunities. Besides, I love telling stories to the world. One of those who encouraged me to go behind the camera was film director Edmond Yeoh. He believes actors should go behind the camera and know how a film is made.