Feeling vampy? Try out the vampire facial, which is surprisingly not a total pain in the neck!

The old adage “beauty is pain” still rings true to this day. The rapid transition from traditional skincare techniques to high-tech facial devices that can immediately zap away all the unwanted debris and acne on your face has certainly proven how much the skincare industry has evolved.

Just a few years ago, vampire facials made headlines especially after social media icon Kim Kardashian took to Instagram to share her experience with the treatment.

For many people, the name itself already sounds daunting. However, unbeknownst to many, this facial treatment offers an array of benefits. And no, you don’t have to sacrifice yourself to a vampire to get this treatment.

Before we delve into its process and benefits, you should know that the vampire facial is a procedure that combines the process of micro-needling and platelet-rich plasma (PRP). It is also one of the most advanced facial treatments that utilises your body’s natural force to cure itself.

For the micro-needling process, short and fine 0.5 to 2.5 millimetre needles are often used to pierce your skin, while PRP is made up of a large concentration of platelet-rich plasma proteins that are drawn from your blood.

Although this sounds intimidating, rest assured that you’ll barely feel any pain during the actual procedure. However, this treatment is not recommended for those who are pregnant or who have active acne or facial eczema. If you’re interested in trying this treatment, it is important to look for a qualified professional.

Treatment process

A numbing cream is applied to your face 30 minutes before treatment. While the numbing cream takes effect, a relatively painless blood draw process is done. Fret not, only a small vial of your blood is needed.

Next, your blood will be spun in a centrifuge to remove all the impurities, which are the white blood cells and the red blood cells. Once the spinning process is complete, it will reveal three layers: your red and white blood cells, and on top, your platelet gel.

The secret formula to this facial treatment is your platelet gel. Once it is transferred into a syringe, that’s when the magic begins!

With the numbing cream, you’ll only experience a slight tingling sensation during the micro-needling process. Drops of your platelet gel will be applied simultaneously during the process.

The treatment will be repeated over the entire face, focusing on your areas of concern. In addition, the PRP will help clot your wounded areas and regenerate new skin which will promote rapid elastin and collagen production.

Lastly, a hyaluronic acid that is rich in vitamins will be applied to your skin after the treatment for soothing purposes.

$!PRP is produced after extracted blood is spun in a centrifuge. – Canada Med Laser


The secret to maximising the results is the aftercare. Firstly, your dermatologist will advise you to avoid direct sun exposure – well, it’s called the vampire facial, after all –and any activities that can make you sweat for at least 72 hours.

Besides that, do not scrub or exfoliate your face and apply any makeup for the next 72 hours as well. It is also crucial to avoid acid-based products including glycolic acid, salicylic acid, retinol and whitening products that can cause peeling or damage for the next two weeks.

Apart from that, be sure to wait at least six hours before applying sunscreen, and rinsing your face the next morning with a gentle cleanser is recommended.

Once the treatment is done, expect to see redness from your skin, swelling and peeling for the next three days. If your skin feels tight and itchy, simply apply a thin layer of Vaseline over your face or hyaluronic acid to ease the symptoms. However, keep in mind that the recovery process fully depends on your body’s healing abilities.

Although these aftercare steps seem tedious, the end result is guaranteed to blow your mind!


Increases collagen production

The benefits of vampire facial are many. For instance, it increases collagen production, especially for those who are 25 years old and above. Through this treatment, it stimulates your collagen production when the needles pierce through the upper layers of your skin. Once your skin is penetrated, the existing collagen will aid in healing your skin.

Improves skin tone and texture

Besides that, this treatment is perfect for those who have dull and uneven skin tone. With the PRP infused into your skin, the old skin cells will help generate new and healthy skin cells which will help create a more even skin tone. You’d be impressed with how much your skin has improved in just a few days! After all, everyone dreams of having a youthful and glowing appearance!

Reduces acne scars, pores, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles

Acne scars, huge pores, pigmentation, lines and wrinkles are a few of the reasons why most people opt for a vampire facial. Collagen and elastin are created through the new and healthy skin cells. Hence, those properties will help eliminate all of your concerns as your skin will start to tighten on its own due to the micro-injuries experienced from the skin treatment.

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