Celebrity entrepreneur reveals secret facial oil that powers her namesake skincare line P.S. Knudsen

OUR skin really deserves the best after what we put it through on a daily basis.

The body’s largest organ is exposed to harmful UV rays under the scorching heat and the free radicals that linger in the air, not to mention the level of humidity underneath our face masks. There is really no place for toxic ingredients and irritants in our skincare products, that would do more harm than good. Danish-Malaysian personality Patricia Knudsen, who is a DJ, emcee, radio host and entrepreneur, launched her namesake skincare line in 2019 with the intention of making available natural skincare products that reduce harsh chemicals that go on our skin.

“If I must be honest, I never thought of starting my own skincare line even though I love skincare and enjoy anything that can make me feel better, and that has to do with self-care. “Creating P.S. Knudsen was such a spontaneous thing but I have always wanted to have something that was my own.” Knudsen’s plant-derived skincare line is built on a single “hero” ingredient – prickly pear seed oil, which is prized as one of the finest oils available, offering a myriad of remarkable benefits.


What made you decide to focus on using prickly pear seed oil as the star ingredient?

After learning all about the oil and trying it for the first time, I saw the wonders it did to my skin after several weeks of consistent use. Who doesn’t love a do-it-all oil, am I right?

The oil is extremely high in essential fatty acids and amino acids, which stimulate collagen production to increase skin cell turnover, alongside Omega 6 and Omega 9, linoleic acid and vitamin E.

It also contains vitamin K, that helps to brighten up dark circles under the eye and promotes skin elasticity. It is vegan, gluten-free, non-comedogenic and therefore, suitable for all skin types. It also heals and treats acne. It’s easy to market the oil when more and more people are starting to realise its potential and benefits. The prickly pear seed oil really stands out, and I wouldn’t have started my business if it wasn’t for this hero ingredient.

Skincare enthusiasts are increasingly aware of what goes into a product. Does that influence your product development and formulation?

Yes, and of course it does! I’ve taken so much time and effort in researching and ensuring the efficacy of the ingredients used. It took me one year to develop each product so far, and it’s because I want to be proud, transparent and honest about what I am selling to people. It needs to be effective, yet as natural as possible and priced reasonably.

You need to care because in this day and age, everyone can easily look it up online and search what you are doing with your products, which is completely fair. I would even encourage customers to do so before purchasing something.

I personally wouldn’t want to cut corners and sell something that I wouldn’t personally use on my skin or give to my family and friends.


What are the ethical and sustainability practices you look for when sourcing prickly pear oil from Morocco?

The prickly pear cacti grow abundantly all over the desert in Morocco, with its extremely dry climate. But they have amazing water-storing abilities and are rich in oil to nurture their entire cellular structure, so they can continue to stay green and healthy.

You will need one ton of the cacti fruit to extract one million prickly pear seeds in order to produce a litre of oil, which equals to about 36 hours of manual labour.

Luckily, most places are committed to ethical practices where they utilise the labour of women’s cooperatives. Not only is this the most efficient way to process the oil, but it also ensures that the local Berber women receive fair income for their work.

I had plans to film the oil production in Morocco but the pandemic happened. Hopefully, I will be able to do it soon and share my experience on P.S. Knudsen.

Has your beauty ritual shifted during the pandemic?

My beauty routine has always been very simple and I’d like to keep it that way. The difference is that now, I set aside slightly more time, so I don’t neglect my routine and it allows me to try out new things.

I still don’t believe in all those crazy 10-step beauty routines. Even though we are stuck at home, it doesn’t mean I want to waste my time. I am busy with my daughter, my partner, house chores and work. So self-care or alone time during these difficult times means a lot for my sanity.

What is your current beauty routine like?

I take 20 minutes to put on a sheet mask, wash my face properly, apply a hair mask and massage prickly pear seed oil into my skin a bit longer so that it absorbs better. These steps contribute to making sure I wake up feeling fresh and in a better headspace with everything that is going on.

I highly encourage self-care to be at the top of the priority list during the pandemic.

This will also help with your mental health, which is so important to maintain now. Do it alone, do it with your family and partner. Spoil yourself, try out different skincare products and educate yourself at the same time.

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