Seven homegrown activewear brands to help you achieve your fitness goals in 2021

IF there is one thing to take away from the year 2020, is that when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

And if you really think about it, life is a performance, so gear up in your best activewear and put your best foot forward, starting by being physically active.

Here are seven homegrown activewear brands to get you started before you decide to sign up for yoga, pilates or even spin classes.



Terrae is all about that high impact activity, low environmental impact life; it’s about functionality meets sustainability; activewear meets purpose, and co-founders Azalea and Suan Yean are committed to being a part of the change.

Launched in July this year, Terrae turns ocean waste into workout staples thanks to its Econyl regenerated nylon, which is 100% recycled fibre made from discarded fishing nets and fabric scraps.

It’s got incredible recovery power with the perfect amount of muscular compression, making it suitable for all activity throughout the day from lunging to lounging, crunching to brunching.



Launched in early 2018, Zeal, as its name suggests believes in the ardent interest and fervour that inhibits in all of us – the drive that sparks our pursuits of passion, starting with its highly functional and versatile sportswear to fulfil our fitness goals.

In other words, having zeal is the most fundamental way of living that determines success.

Zeal’s activewear is primed for performance. They’re supported by innovative fabric blend to maximise any fitness regime and will see you through even the most challenging workout.

$!Liberty Active.

Liberty Active

Co-founders Rebecca Yap and Hwei-Ming Choong launched Liberty Active in 2017 with sportswear pieces that are 100% designed and made in Malaysia.

As firm believers of healthy living, they advocate ‘fun fitness’ and strive to build a community of like-minded women to inspire and be inspired by those around them.

In fact, Liberty Active is more than an activewear brand, it’s a lifestyle brand with versatile pieces that are designed to encompass the lifestyle of a woman on-the-go, and can be worn from the gym to the grocer.



Founded in 2016 by ZiKang Tai, Fitgear prides itself as the finest activewear quality with affordable price points.

Tai spent more than 16 months on its research and development, from sourcing quality fabrics that would maximise the features of performance-wear, to going through extensive tests to ensure that the t-shirts are durable enough to last a lifetime.

It is said that their t-shirts are seven times more breathable than cotton fabrics, are instant-cooling to help maintain a comfortable body temperature, only takes two hours to dry and can retain their original shape even after 1,000 washes.



Fitness and wellness essentials brand Livlola is the brainchild of Sim Li and Heidi Aw, both who were former pageant queens and models.

Starting out as a bag brand, Livlola has made quite a name for itself, particularly amongst the local yoga and pilates community.

Its activewear is carefully designed with four-way stretch elastic, moisture-wicking technology, and ultimately stylish design to achieve the cool and laid-back athleisure look.



Modest activewear brand Ryada is catered to Muslim women who are looking for comfortable sportswear pieces that are soft and breathable, perfect for both low and high-intensity workouts.

Besides the usual line of sports bras, Ryada also offers loose-fit long-sleeve tops, skirt pants, as well as sports hijabs that prioritise two important factors that would change the game of workouts.

Its moisture-wicking fabric absorbs sweat much quicker and dries up faster, and the fit of the hijab is versatile, and can be worn either tight for intense running activities, or loose for a comfortable feel.

$!Banana Fighter.

Banana Fighter

Fashion design graduate Mandy Yap is just as passionate about fitness as she is about being stylish. She founded the activewear brand three years ago and gave it a catchy name, Banana Fighter, to represent its ethos – Fun, Energy and Resilience.

Yap puts fitness and fashion together in activewear, or one might consider it as athleisurewear that would take you from the studio to the street.

Her activewear is rendered in eyecatching designs, like the Japanese print art and mesh fabric, or the collaborative collection Burn with local fashion designer Kittie Yiyi in bright orange.

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