Heerraa and Autumn Helene release new track Morning Light

MALAYSIAN born-singer Heerraa, who became famous with the song Feel Alive (which enjoyed extensive airplay on local radio station Hitz.FM) recently collaborated with 14-year-old American singer Autumn Helene for a new song titled Morning Light.

Heerraa, 22, and Autumn, a singer and songwriter from Washington, got to know each other at the Rampage Music Awards in Feb 2021.

At the event, Heerraa won the Entertainer of the Year award while Autumn won the Indie Rampage Radio Pop Artiste of the month Best New Artist Award.

“I reached out to see if we could collaborate together and I was happily met with a ‘yes’ from her side. The rest is history,” said Heerraa.

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Speaking about Autumn, Heerraa said: “Autumn is a very hardworking and professional artiste despite her young age. It is a pleasure working with someone, who shares a similar purpose of impacting people through music.”

“The synergy between us, during the collaboration, has been amazing as we complement each other’s areas of expertise,” added Heerraa, who also recently was named Female Single of the Year (Gold) at the International Singer-Songwriter Association Awards 2021.

Despite living on two different continents with a 15-hour time difference, the two connected online to work on the song.

“From [being] strangers, we have grown to become really good friends over the course of these last few months,” said Heerraa.

The two co-wrote the song, which is about reminding people about how every day is a new beginning. “No matter how difficult life may seem, it is all just an important lesson in life that we need to go through,” she said.

Heerraa talked about how the two opened their hearts to each other about their experiences in life, before penning down the lyrics.

“Before we started writing, we actually had a heart-to-heart conversation with each other, as we shared more about ourselves, our insecurities and the lessons, we were learning from life, currently.”

“We both shared how it can be uncomfortable when you are going through the next level. That is how Morning Light was born, it reminds us and the fans how with each day, there is a new beginning and everything will be alright on a new day.

Reflecting on life, Heerraa said: “Often, the most difficult things we have to go through in life are blessings in disguise once we see the lesson behind it.”

The song is currently available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and other streaming platforms.

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