IT is common for celebrities to be scrutinised for anything they say or do in public.

Netizens had recently accused local actress Amelia Henderson of wearing a necklace with a cross pendant, sparking religious sentiments.

The television presenter was seen wearing the necklace in a recent TikTok video with another local actor.

However, a post on X by @farahxnnies pointed out that the pendant on Amelia’s necklace was said to be a ballerina shaped pendant instead.

“I really do not understand why so many condemned Amelia for her necklace on TikTok. Try and look at it properly - it is not a “T” (cross sign) but a ballerina necklace,” Anis wrote in her post.

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Netizens commenting on Anis’ post mainly agreed with her, noting that the pendant strung around Amelia’s necklace does not bear any similarities to a cross-shaped pendant.

Following the backlash, Amelia herself recently reposted Anis’ post on X, expressing her disappointment regarding the matter blown out of proportion.

“So many terrible things happening in the world and there are people tripping (worried/angry) over a necklace?

“Are you not embarrassed? Leave me alone,” she said.

Netizens under the actress’ post expressed their support and also expressed similar sentiments of disappointment and frustration.

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