PETALING JAYA: For visually impaired people, having safe pedestrian walking areas is very crucial, as many navigate their way around these walkways when taking public transport to their


Hence, tactile pavements or also known as tactile paving or tactile warning surface, refers to a specific type of pavement or ground surface designed to provide tactile and visual cues to assist those with mobility issues including those who are visually blind to navigate safely.

Wau Post on its Facebook page today (May 31) posted a TikTok video by mrranggapnnadia recording a blind man removing parked motorcycles that was obstructing his way.

The man was seen walking along what is seen to be a tactile pavement that was invaded by motorcycles along the path.

The post has since garnered over 1.9 million views which attracted the comments of netizens, mostly praising the blind man for his act.

“terima kasih share post ni.. insyaallah lepas ni sy selalu beringat dan mengingatkan keluarga sy hal sebegini yg kita xpernah tahu..(“Thank you for posting this, god willing I will always keep this in mind and inform my family members on the functionality of these pavements.”)

The comments section also saw a motorcyclist who confessed he had parked at such pavements unknowingly.

“Ohh ingat laluan biasa. Sorry kak nnti saya x parking sana. Tu bukan motor saya cuma selalu jugak parking mcm tu,” (I thought it was a normal pavement. I’m sorry, I won’t park there again sister (in reference to the lady who uploaded the video). That is not my bike though.”)

While another user also thanked the uploader for highlighting on the importance of the tactile pavements saying, “Terima kasih kak bagi pengetahuan baru bagi sye inshallah sye akn tolong alih kn jika ade halangan di laluan tactile. (“Thank you sister for enlightening us about the pavements, should I come across motorcycles parked on the pavement, I shall move them myself,”)

Concerned Malaysians expressing their desire to help visually impaired individuals and those with mobility problems clearly shows that we are indeed kind and considerate people.

To the man who made an effort to remove the motorcycle, we salute your selfless effort of caring for others to make their walks less obstructive.