AS China’s young pupils face increasing pressure to succeed in academics and other facets of their lives, “child growth companions” have taken over the country in guiding these young minds.

The profession includes tutoring children in their academics, organise their extra co-curricullar activities and even assist in preparing the children for talent shows and competitions, according to South China Morning Post.

Being a child growth companion reportedly pays up to 60,000 yuan (RM38,890), with 90% of them graduating with a bachelor’s degree, according to an individual who went by the name Shura, a former child growth companion.

The top university graduate said the candidate’s minimum requirements in this field is “some background in preschool education”, a degree holder or being able to play a musical instrument.

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The average salary of a child growth companion is typically between 10,000 and 20,000 yuan (RM6,481 to RM12,962) while more experienced companions can earn up to 60,000 yuan (RM38,890).

Shura looked after a businesswoman’s son and supervised his kindergarten education.

The former international relations student lived at her employer’s home and tutored her son in the English language as well as accompanied him at his extra co-curricular activities.

According to her, the job mainly consisted of “helping children to have a good life, form positive study habits, and to develop the right values,” as quoted.

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However, Shura noted that a quality standard is yet to be implemented when hiring companions to ensure customer satisfaction.

Meanwhile, another individual working in the same field, surnamed Wu, said that she also offered emotional counselling for the children under her care and corrected their issue on concentrating in their studies.

Wu is usually occupied during the weekends as she needs to take care of her employer’s children during that period.