MALAYSIAN roads were filled with Raya traffic last week, leading many to seek alternative routes.

Zairul Annuar, attempting to avoid a standstill on the PLUS highway, exited at Gopeng only to encounter another jam on the inner road.

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Following navigation, he found himself on a small, unpaved road through a palm oil plantation.

While navigating the “jalan tikus” (rat path) to bypass traffic, they were stopped by oncoming cars who warned the road ahead was impassable.

Upon returning to the residential area, Zairul was surprised again. A group of middle-aged Chinese men stopped him.

Learning of his destination, they assured him the roadblock wouldn’t be a problem.

“Don’t worry,“ they said, “we’ll bring a backhoe to repair the road!”

The residents, it turned out, were from a nearby Chinese village and readily agreed to help facilitate passage.

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A video Zairul shared shows a backhoe smoothing out the previously impassable incline, allowing regular cars to pass where previously only 4WDs could navigate.

Zairul’s praises resonated on social media: “They came out of their homes and worked together. The people of Perak are amazing. Powerful. This is the true spirit of Malaysia.”

The post, which has since gone viral saw netizens praising the act by the villagers.

“How wonderful they are. Reading this I feel touched. What a way to make new friends,” shared Facebook user.

The spirit of Raya keeps giving and we are overjoyed to see Malaysians from all walks of life come together to help anyone in need.

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