A Malaysian residential community recently worked together to help a stray dog who was poisoned.

A TikTok video by @ciksalas showed the dog struggling to walk upon entering the residential area - with foam at the corners of its mouth.

Some of the woman’s neighbours got to work immediately helping the stray dog, now named Tompok, recover by feeding it some coconut water at first.

Another video showed Tompok in “critical” condition, with its body trembling but seemed determined to recover with the help of the community.

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Several videos recorded within the span of a day documented Tompok’s road to recovery from struggling to feed itself and get up to finally being able to walk slowly in the evening.

The next day, the young woman fed the steadily recovering Tompok some raw eggs to get its strength back.

Tompok is now safe and healthy in its new home, according to the woman’s latest video update.

Besides Tompok, the woman and her neighbours have also helped rescue and take care of several stray dogs and cats.

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