Customer surprised after restaurant charges him RM6 to remove ice and sugar from his fruit juice

Restaurants tend to charge extra if their customers request for additional toppings to their meals. But is it acceptable for a restaurant to charge their customers extra to remove items of a drink?

A bewildered Malaysian customer recently took to his Facebook account on March 14 to share how he was charged RM6 at a local eatery for “no ice, no sugar request”.

In the post, he shared the receipt which showed his purchase of an apple orange juice (RM12.90), carrot orange juice (RM12.90) along with a signature grilled chicken (RM22.90).

But what stood out in the receipt was the customer’s request to remove ice and sugar from the fruit juices had amounted him to a shocking RM12. This meant the restaurant charged each RM3 for each request.

The customer captioned his post, “I don’t understand why removing sugar from my drink would cost me RM3. Removing ice also cost me another RM3. Can anyone explain this?”

The customer did not disclose the name or location of the restaurant.

In the comment sections, some netizens tried to explain to the man why the restaurant had charged him extra for his request.

“If they remove the ice, the amount of juice decreases and more fruits need to be used,” explained a Facebook user.

While another user said that the additional charge for the ice removal was understandable but also questioned the restaurant’s charges for sugar removal.

“Additional money to remove sugar is pretty confusing, do they put a whole packet of sugar in one cup?” questioned another puzzled Facebook user.

What do you think? Was it right for the restaurant to charge RM6 for the man’s request?


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