HAVING a house under your own name is a dream many strive for. Hence, one should always be careful when it comes to transferring the property to the name of another.

A heartbreaking story recently went viral after an elderly couple was forced out of their home by their son and daughter-in-law after the property transfer was completed.

Jin, 86, felt regret as his wife and him were left with no option but to stay in a guest house. According to the elderly couple, they had been living in the flat since the 1990s.

Jin’s health took a toll a couple of years ago and his son and daughter-in-law began pestering him to sign the property over to their grandson.

The value of the ownership transfer was 1.05 million yuan (RM699,442.90) however the young couple did not contribute a single cent.

Jin’s health took a turn for the worse so he leased the place to a friend and moved into a property on a lower floor in another residential community.

To make matters worse, his son intended to sell the flat in order to purchase a villa. Jin attempted to dissuade him but the dispute ended up receiving verbal abuse from his son.

When the tenant’s lease ended, Jin and his wife attempted to return home. To their dismay, they discovered that their ungrateful son had even changed the locks. The couple were left with no choice but to sleep on the hard, cold floor outside.

“Your grandson says it’s his flat, so you do not have the right to use it,” said the couple, adamantly refusing Jin and his wife into the home.

This caused Jin to be admitted to the hospital due to stress. They have sought legal advice to try and get their home back.

The story gained attention on social media, sparking outrage among netizens who sided with the elderly couple.

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