Grab today claimed it’s new, revamped earnings framework for food delivery riders is ‘fair’.

In a statement to a local media today, Grab defended it’s revamped delivery fee and bonus which came into effect yesterday, claiming it brings “benefit to our most active delivery partners”.

This is amidst calls for riders to boycott the ride-hailing and food delivery company as posted on several Facebook postings.

It said this will ensure bookings that require more time and effort would be “more fairly compensated”.

Under the revamped framework, base fares have been reduced while incentives have been increased for peak-hour deliveries, distant pick-ups and extended wait times to pick-up deliveries.

“This is done with reference to our delivery partners’ recent feedback about bookings that involve longer wait times at merchants’ outlets or pick-ups that are further away,” it said.

However, some Grab riders have opposed the new framework and urged others to boycott the company.

Posters urging Grab riders against working this Friday have been circulating on social media.

A member of a Facebook group for riders, Ameruddin Abdul Halim, said he disagreed with the reduced base fares but called for pragmatism.

“Like it or not, we must acknowledge that this is the nature of gig work. There are no contracts, and it isn’t meant to be a long-term career.”

However, another member, Syana Syazana, said it was important for the riders to “fight for their rights”, adding that the reduced fare was inadequate in view of the escalating cost of living and the money spent to maintain vehicles.

Meanwhile, the Malaysian P-Hailing Delivery Riders Association (Penghantar) said they would not participate in the protest.

Its president, Zulhelmi Mansor, said they would remain neutral on this issue.

On Aug 4, 2022, about 100 food delivery riders submitted a memorandum to Grab’s headquarters in Petaling Jaya, complaining about low delivery fares that forced them to work longer hours.

The riders rode to Grab headquarters from 10 Klang Valley rally points as part of the 24-hour “Food Delivery Blackout”.

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