A terrifying incident unfolded at the The Pallette Danau Kota in Malaysia.

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Consequently, the woman had shared dashcam footage on Facebook showing a man approaching her car in the parking lot exit lane and violently attacking it with a helmet.

According to the woman, the man emerged seemingly from nowhere and yelled accusations before striking her car repeatedly.

However, another man was seen standing by but did not participate.

Shaken, she drove away and discovered significant damage in her car.

The footage also reveals the attacker accusing her of nearly hitting him, escalating the situation.

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The woman then fearing for her safety as a lone driver, called for vigilance, especially among women.

The video additionally captured two security guards nearby who didn’t intervene, sparking outrage online.

Netizens questioned the security measures and urged the woman to file a police report.

Disturbingly, comments suggested this might not be the man’s first incident, with another woman claiming he previously harassed her too.

“What are your thoughts on this incident? Should the security guards have intervened?”

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