HOMESTAYS are a fun experience but when you want to do things like check out late, it’s always best to check with the owner of the homestay.

Recently, a video uploaded by Twitter user @AsyrafRosli_ who shared a thread detailing an incident that occurred to guests at a homestay in Kedah has gone viral.

The video showed the guests being kicked out by the homestay owner for checking out at 2:40pm instead of the supposed 12pm.

The scenario worsened when the homestay owners began throwing the visitors’ stuff out of the property, which escalated the situation.

“Yes, I admit we didn’t check out on time,“ was written as a caption by one of the visitors in the video.

“The homestay owner, an auntie, charged us an additional RM100-RM200, which we gladly paid. However, she had no right to treat us like dogs by throwing us out. She even hurled our possessions and meals.”

Shortly after, user @AsyrafRosli_ added a clarification from the homestay owner to the discussion, explaining their actions.

In response, the homestay owner said that the visitors had first texted to request a 1pm check-out time. In response, they said that the visitors could check out as late as 1pm.

“The cleaner called us at 2:10 p.m. to inform us that the guests had not yet checked out and were still wrapped in bath towels,“ they said.

In addition, the mother of the homestay owner showed up there at 2:30 pm and inquired as to why the guests, who had already been delayed for two hours, weren’t prepared for checkout.

According to the post, the visitors disregarded the mother and carried on their towel-clad back-and-forth gait.

The mother of the homestay owner insisted that the visitors check out as soon as possible so that the space is ready for the next visitor, which rapidly turned into a heated fight, as the accompanying screenshot further revealed.

“My mother is an elderly woman; how could they treat her like that?” the owner then stated.

“Although I acknowledge that they have already paid the late checkout fee, they still need to learn to be considerate of other people’s companies.”

After the visitors checked out at 2.40pm, the homestay owners said in their post’s conclusion that they had just 20 minutes to clean the entire property before the next set of guests came for their 3pm check-in.

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