IN June 2022, the Transport Ministry (MOT) announced a ban with immediate effect for several classes of micro-mobility vehicles (MMV) namely e-scooters and mopeds from using public roads.

For a good reason.

Two foreign tourists have been making waves online after a video of a man and his female companion cruising down a busy road on an e-scooter in KL has gone viral.

Instagram user @nikhaelneil took to his account to share a video of the incident which took place towards the Bulatan Kg Pandan.

The male tourist was seen taking a slow, leisure ride while his pillion, a young woman dressed in a brown top and black shorts, could be seen enjoying the ride.

At one point, the female tourist was even seen taking out her handphone to record the ‘scenery’.

The video has since gotten over 900k views and left many Malaysians outraged as the tourists actions could have not endangered their own lives but other motorists as well.

One joked that the person taking the video should have wound down his car window and yelled out:, ‘You think this is your father’s road ah?’

While many questioned how the tourist managed to get a scooter on the road in the first place as it was a banned vehicle.

“Isn’t this not allowed and has been banned from being on the public roads for safety issues?”

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