A kind-hearted Malaysian man made it his duty to save a large number of stray cats in Kelantan after finding out that the furry felines were being taken away because the area was about to host a food festival.

“It’s so sad when cats become the victim when they get thrown away for the second time. The first time, they get discarded by the owner and now they are getting taken and thrown away for the second time,” said the man in his video.

TikTok user @ffjkento explained how his decision drew the notice of Pertubuhan Prihatin Haiwan Kelantan, who assisted him in saving the stray cats.

He further stated that following the discussion with the Pasir Mas District Council, a decision was made to relocate the stray cats to a shelter that would open shortly.

“It’s better to keep the cats safe rather than throwing them away and letting them starve.”

“It’s heartbreaking to think about the fate of stray cats who have done nothing wrong. Due to inhumane owners, they keep the cats when they are cute but the moment the cats become ugly or sick, the owners abandon them,” said the user.

According to reports, the Kelantan shelter, operated by the non-governmental group Pertubuhan Prihatin Haiwan Kelantan, would soon open in Pasir Mas.

The video had already acquired over two million views and netizens commenting about the user’s kindness.

One user said, “Normally, I’d take the stray cats back to my place, but I can’t afford to bring them all. I only managed to bring home three of them.”

Another TikTok user said, “It’s wonderful to hear that the stray cats are being sent to the shelter instead. Normally, in situations like these, they would just allow them to die.