WE’VE all heard of admission fees and, for the most part, are willing to pay them. However, what if your neighborhood clothing store also costs you each entry?

User @shxyrae went to TikTok to offer information on a certain clothes rental store that is charging a RM10 entrance charge for each customer.

To make matters more intriguing, this cost applies to both persons trying on garments and their accompanying companions.

The boutique’s sign indicates that the admission price will only be repaid if you rent their items; otherwise, you will forfeit the money.

Syahirah told World of Buzz that she released the TikTok purely to raise awareness and because she feels sad for consumers who have been or want to visit the store but must pay a charge.

In her TikTok post, she stated that she had intended to visit the store. However, after reading the viral reviews, she was surprised.

Another customer review of the boutique stated that the proprietor even resorted to body-shaming consumers. To make matters worse, the personnel was said to be rude.

Furthermore, the boutique responded to the customer’s review, saying, “We apologies and will absolutely endeavour to improve our service. Thank you for the input.”

The fortunate conclusion of this incident is that the boutique’s owner has ceased applying the RM10 fee after understanding how useless the regulation is, particularly in light of opposition and unfavourable reviews.

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