Local girl group Dolla graces New York Times Square Billboard

Local girl group Dolla is the latest Malaysian act to grace Spotify’s New York Times Square Billboard in USA. Dolla is the third Malaysian act to grace the Times Square billboard after Yuna, and most recently, young -rising star Layla Sania.

Dolla’s appearance on the digital billboard came about as a representative of Malaysian singers in Spotify’s EQUAL campaign. EQUAL is a global programme by Spotify aiming to foster equity for women in audio and nurturing equity by highlighting female artists around the world.

There are currently 35 local EQUAL playlists covering artists from over 50 countries with Dolla being on the cover as a representative from EQUAL Malaysia and Singapore’s playlists.

Members of Dolla namely Sabronzo, Tabby, Syasya and Angel were delighted upon learning the news.

$!Local girl group Dolla graces New York Times Square Billboard

“Words just cannot express how we feel right now. This is such a huge honour for a newly formed vocal group like us and we hope we can continue to live up to the expectations of our fans,” said Sabronzo, speaking on behalf of her group.

Dolla was formed in 2019 and started a ripple in the local music industry with their daring image and bold showmanship. Armed with slick dance moves and sensational fashion sense, Dolla garnered more fans with their contemporary brand of music.

$!Local girl group Dolla graces New York Times Square Billboard

After hitting the local charts with their debut single include ‘Dolla Makes You Wanna’, they went on to release a second single ‘Impikan’, and the English version, ‘Watch Me Glow’, in October 2020.

‘Impikan’ reached a million views on Youtube in less than two weeks and gained widespread media attention locally and internationally, as well as within the SEA region and Korea.

$!Local girl group Dolla graces New York Times Square Billboard

They also took part in the Phillipines’ ABS-CBN collaboration track, HEAL, an all-female Southeast Asia collaboration song with 13 other artists across the region.

In 2021, Dolla also released ‘Raya Raya Raya’, a festive song in conjunction with the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations. The track currently has over 4 million views on YouTube.