INFLUENCER Gatita Yan, from Malaysia, recently posted on her Instagram story about her difficult experience hiring maids. She explained that she paid an astounding RM 50,000 for the additional help.

She further claimed that the first agent had “scammed” her and had “not even responded to me, even after two months.”

Gatita allegedly lost RM20,000 in the first incident after learning she had been duped by the agent who was meant to assist her in hiring a maid.

“Not only did the agent stop answering my calls, but even after two months, he did not get me a maid,“ the woman continued.

She discovered another agent a few months later, this one recommended by one of her close friends.

But this time, Gatita was relieved to learn that the agent was effective and accommodating, and she eventually managed to bring a maid into the home.

Nonetheless the good times were short lived.

“Three months later, the maid ran away,“ She declared.

Gatita acknowledged that she had no prior experience working with maid hiring agencies. Prior to realizing that her friend’s suggestion was too good to be true, she disappointingly trusted it because it sounded good.

The influencer then joked, “If she runs off, they can replace you with a new maid immediately.” And she actually ran away three months later.

Do you have a maid at home? If so, how has your experience been?

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