Teachers devote their lives to inspiring and shaping their students’ lives.

But for this one teacher in Kelantan, he kept his spirit of giving going even during his retirement party.

In a TikTok video which has since gone viral, a teacher from SMK Wakaf Bharu in Tumpat, Kelantan who was celebrating his retirement party awarded an all-expense paid Umrah trip to a student who won the lucky draw.

Mohd Danial Hakim Faiz Teng told Sinar Harian that he did not expect to win the lucky draw grand prize which was coveted by 800 other students. The 14-year-old student said that getting to visit the holy land of Mecca is like a dream come true and that he has never actually travelled far from home, let alone been on an aeroplane.

According to Danial, he could not wait to share the good news with his mother who is a person with disabilities (PWD).

The retired teacher, Ahmad Zaki Mohamed Amin explained that the unusual gesture was intended to leave lasting memories for the students as he ended his tenure. Ahmad Zaki, who is an Arabic language teacher, said that the student will be flying alongside him to perform Umrah in December during the school holidays.

“All expenses, including RM500 pocket money, will be covered.”

Netizens flooded the TikTok video with comments, congratulating the student and praising the teacher for his kind gesture.

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