FOR those of you unfamiliar with what a tactile walkway is, they are “bumps” or “patterns” which are installed on sidewalk and pedestrian crossings to help provide a safer, more accessible environment for people who are visually impaired.

Unfortunately for one visually impaired man, the tactile walkway which was supposed to lead him safely instead found himself in a drain. This was because the tactile walkway had a missing cover which exposed the drain.

The faulty tactile walkway was located within the area of Dataran Merdeka heading towards the National Mosque.

In a video shared by TikTok user @mrranggapnnadia, who is the man’s wife, she expressed shock upon receiving a voice message from her visually impaired husband, informing her that he had fallen into the hole.

$!Credit: TikTok user @mrranggapnnadia,

He then sought medical attention and thankfully, the husband was reported to be fine.

Seeking public assistance, Nadia urged individuals to report any blocked or damaged tactile pathways to the authorities.

She concluded her message by advocating for safe tactile pathways for the visually impaired.

The video itself has amassed approximately 50,000 views, prompting netizens to express concern for the safety of people with disabilities.

People called on relevant authorities, including city councils and municipalities, to swiftly address the issue.

Sympathies and pleas for heightened awareness and consideration for the special community group were echoed throughout the comment section of the video.

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