Netizens found the sight to be quite humorous, with some commenting that it’s common for new drivers to act in such a way.

DRIVER licence can be quite rewarding to obtain but there are some rules that an amateur driver should follow and one driver took the rules to the next level.

In a recent viral TikTok video, a novice driver drew attention by going above and beyond to highlight her probationary status.

The 17-second clip, shared by user @jxelsprtn, captured a car adorned with an excess of ‘P’ stickers—typically indicating a probationary licence.

Notably, the driver extended the sticker placement beyond the front and rear windshields, also adorning both front door windows.

A TikTok user humorously commented, “That’s a lot of P stickers, sister, but it was entertaining for the moment.”

Several comments justified that it was common for new drivers to engage in such behaviours, often adhering strictly to the rules as they gain independence on the road, while some of the comments were jokingly making fun of the scenario.

TikTok user, Empty commented this scenario happened to every new licence owner and SufiGee_1305 commented that the driver should have pasted another sticker on the roof of the car to alert the lorries.

As the creme de la creme of this story, the driver of the “P” stickers car commented on the TikTok video featuring her car.

In a humorous explanation, the driver clarified that her strategy of adorning her car with multiple P stickers is aimed at encouraging other drivers to maintain a safe distance, given her ongoing learning process in driving.

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