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RECENTLY, a local woman was appalled and disgusted to find intimate images of other women in her husbands’ phone.

As seen from the pictures, the women’s consent was explicitly not obtained before the photos were shot and disseminated in the group.

Although she accepted then that her husband was a decent man, she gradually came around after learning that he had joined an unofficial WhatsApp group for males at his place of employment.

The wife said, “If they notice a woman wearing a tiny skirt at lunch, they’ll secretly take a photo and distribute it in the group with obscene messages.”

She continued by saying that ever since her husband did the same, she had lost all respect for him and could not even chat casually with him.

“I feel disgusted by his behaviour. Why do men like to do this?”

She intimated that she had considered suicide at the end of the confession tweet, which prompted several online users to express their worries for the anonymous woman.

“If you hear a news about someone falling from the 30th floor, that’s me.”

Many internet users, including men, voiced their rage at the woman’s husband for acting in such a way, and some have advised her to speak with him before things become worse.

“Please talk to your husband, heart-to-heart. Ask him to leave the group. He is influenced by the rest. Don’t keep this to yourself, you know your husband more than anyone else.”

Another user mentions, “Ask him to be a man, and leave the group. Is he worrying about being a castaway if he’s not part of that group? Does he care about you or his guy friends?”

As a reminder, without permission, sharing intimate photos or videos is forbidden, and beginning of March 1, 2021, it has been announced that making threats to do so would also be considered a criminal offence.