Malaysia’s healthcare system is truly exemplary.

IF there is one thing Malaysians take pride in (besides our endless food and racial unity) is definitely the healthcare system.

Based on a survey at research organisation Ipsos, Malaysia currently ranks third next to Switzerland and Singapore, ranking second and first respectively, for their reliable service.

It was reported that 68 per cent of Malaysians respondents said that they trusted the nation’s healthcare system to provide them with the best treatment, with widely accessible information.

One Malaysian can attest to this as X (Twitter) user Richard Ker (@richardker) shared his positive experience with the country’s healthcare system after being only charged RM30 for his father’s overall hospital bills.

“The best healthcare system in the world? I read about it many times on social media. But I have personally experienced it over the last few days,” Richard said in his post.

His father had to undergo a major surgery hence they headed to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and his father was settled in within an hour of arriving.

Richard remarked that his father was well taken care of by the doctors and nurses until the day he was discharged.

Besides that, he commended the hospital staff’s efficiency during his father’s stay.

On the last day, when he had to pay for the bill, Richard was pleasantly surprised at the amount.

“The most shocking part is, the total bill was only RM30.50. Yes, that was everything. Unbelievable. Not sure if there’s anywhere else in the world with this price,” Richard added.

He also shared an image comparing the cost of the hospital treatments for citizens and non-locals.

The image showed that the non-citizens were charged thousands of ringgit for medical treatments as opposed to citizens, who are only charged RM20 for medical treatments and RM30 for surgical treatments.

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