WITH the surge of social media influencers these days, many teachers are currently facing many challenges in educating their students who rather not place a priority on their education.

A Malaysian teacher recently highlighted that in his class of 32 students, more than half have submitted blank exam papers.

“What is your ambition right after finishing the SPM examinations? Students: To be influencers. The rest is history,” the teacher said in his post, now deleted, on X.

The post revealed that 90 percent out of the 32 students who sat for their Ujian Akhir Sesi Akademik (UASA) history test have left the papers unanswered, much to the teacher’s disappointment.

The class was revealed to be the “weakest”, reflecting the lowest score obtained out of the whole batch of Form Two students in the school they are teaching at.

Not only that, the teacher explained that the post was intended to show how the nation’s educators are struggling to get their lesson across to their impressionable students.

“By sharing this, my aim is to prompt netizens to dispel the misconception that teachers are not actively working to support students facing academic challenges,” he added in another post, also removed.

Netizens were quite horrified to say the least, realising that these teenagers are growing up in an era where they can be easily influenced to making unwise choices for their future.

Not only that, others have wondered how the students’ parents are reacting to this situation, and fearing for the nation’s future.