WHILE managing traffic and upholding order on the road are mainly traffic officers’ jobs in Malaysia, there are times when they go above and beyond in ensuring road users’ safety and expediting their journey.

Recently, traffic officers in Johor Bahru decided to take it upon themselves to clear out the overflowing water at a busy road in KM15 Jalan Johor Bahru - Air Hitam for safety’s sake.

The road was overflowing with water which was caused by the heavy rain thereby slowing down drivers, according to a Facebook post by Polis Daerah Johor Bahru Utara.

Seeing the drivers’ struggling on the mildly flooded road, the traffic officers swiftly decided to search for the source of the water pooling around the area.

Once they found the source of the trouble, they straight away began cleaning out the drain in order to rid of the excess water pooling at the main road.

The video showed one of the traffic officers kneeling near the drain and using a bent rod to push away whatever was blocking the drain.

Thanks to the quick proactiveness of the traffic officers, drivers on that road resumed their journey smoothly after the overflowing water had been cleared out.

Besides showering the dedicated officers with praise and gratitude, netizens pointed out that other departments designated in managing these issues should be in charge of handling and supervising the drainage as it gets clogged easily during intense rainy weather.

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