NUMEROUS couples have pledged to love and be loved until death separates them. But how far would you go for love?

An anonymous message from a 28-year-old woman married to a 28-year-old engineer who supposedly makes RM 18,000 a month was recently shared by the ‘X’ account @meinmokhtar.

The local woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, explains in her post that she is searching for another woman for her husband because she is unable to handle his high libido and demanding work.

As a result, the woman did not specify any needs, but she does want someone who isn’t money-focused. In the post, she declared that she would be prepared to give the woman’s allowance of RM 3,000.

Moreover, she would prefer the “other woman” to be quiet, slender, average-looking, and non-smoker.

A sceptic questioned whether her and her husband’s combined income would be sufficient to support another woman, while another netizen playfully asked if her husband would want a boyfriend.

Regarding this advertisement, what are your thoughts? Would you be interested in it?

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