LIVING abroad can take up a pretty penny, especially if one stays at a country with a high living cost.

Therefore, it is not surprising to see many international students work part-time jobs to sustain themselves.

However, there are certain jobs that not many would think of doing or avoid.

A young woman studying in England recently shared her routine in a TikTok video of working as a cleaner while pursuing her PhD at the University of Bristol.

The video by @ildsyf showed her diligently working as a cleaner in the mornings before her classes in the evenings.

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The young woman also explained in the comments section that she had a bit of free time after completing her assignments hence why she took up the job, adding that she needed the extra money for her flight back to Malaysia.

Many related to her experiences working as a cleaner not only abroad but in Malaysia as well to earn extra income.

“ I was a cleaner scrubbing toilets and picking up rubbish. It taught be to be humble and get rid of my ego. Working as a cleaner that time shows how people really are,” a netizen commented.

“I worked as a cleaner here in Malaysia for RM40 per hour. Eventhough I have a degree, people will still scrutinise me regardless,” a commenter said.

Meanwhile, others pointed out that working as a cleaner will help her learn to be more empathetic and understanding especially towards those working in the same line.

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